Living Kitchen – Charlotte – NC

Once upon a time, I visited Living Kitchen in Charlotte, NC. A perfect location for three long time friends to enjoy healthier food choices on a hot North Carolina afternoon; little did we know that the whole menu was vegan. We were told we would like the food, and boy was my friend right. After skimming the menu for a dish with meat, then realizing … Continue reading Living Kitchen – Charlotte – NC

Zaloma’s Pizza Co. – Muskegon – MI

Wouldn’t it be just right that after a night of cold photography, trouncing around in knee deep snow shooting the sunset, I would crave a juicy mushroom burger, only to find that my little burger place is closed for the evening? So what does one do? Go somewhere else that’s open, of course! Opting to stay close to home, I chose to stop at a … Continue reading Zaloma’s Pizza Co. – Muskegon – MI

Hidden Creek Farm – Muskegon – Michigan

We are made to endure, to persevere, and overcome. We are living breathing hungry souls with fog dripping from our lips, seeking warmth where it may cultivate on this cold and rainy evening. One by one we walk the wet gravel drive, beyond turkeys, goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, cows, and gardens on this little farm full of life and good eating. It is here at … Continue reading Hidden Creek Farm – Muskegon – Michigan

Newaygo Brewing Co. – Newaygo – Michigan

You sit across from me debating which brew to order, neither of us are quite sure, so we test a few while scanning the two sided taproom menu, before committing. This is your kind of place, you say. Good food, beer, and nice people. While you yak it up, I am lost in the aesthetics of urban saloon; wooden booths, original wood floor and exposed … Continue reading Newaygo Brewing Co. – Newaygo – Michigan