Cayucos – California

It’s 75 degrees, the ocean breeze blows through my hair and dances on my face. A heavy salt smell fills my lungs as my toes find gritty sand, burying themselves as I move forward to the golden sun beckoning me by its light. The ocean roars as wave upon wave race to the shore, scooping up sea life as to present a present to its onlookers. Enchanted by my view, I’m taken to a place of memories, pulling individual pieces into this one moment. I am rested.

Emotionally tied to this small town, where I once walked its streets, strolled its beach, and drank in its hospitality, I would do it all again if given the chance. I would stay longer to explore the refreshment and escape it gave my mind. A chance to eat more savories at Brown Butter Cookie Company and salmon tacos at Ruddell’s Smokehouse. More time to walk to Morro Bay during low tide. More time to meet others who are “getting out of Dodge” or passing through. More time to soak in the sounds, smell, and beauty this place holds. More time.

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