East China – Michigan

After a long three hour tour of farmland and highway across the state of Michigan, I find myself in Fort Gratiot/Port Huron, cities along the U.S./Canadian shore of Michigan. Though its dark, my host is determined to show me the Blue Water Bridge from below. We stop along the St. Clair River to see not only the bridge, but Canada within arms reach. I’ve seen pictures, but being here is so much more beautiful. We make one more stop, a light house at the mouth of Lake Huron and the St. Clair River. I get out of the car to stretch my legs and feel the winter chill race across my face as I take pictures of the decorated scene before me in the moon light. I visited St. Clair two years ago, quaint little town with small businesses, it’s all that a small town should be, simple. Nostalgia sweeps over me, I can tell, I would like here. But this isn’t my final destination, so we continue onward along the shoreline breezing through little towns, Marysville and St. Clair, as we head to East China.

My host lives in the country side of East China. A place where farmland and forest still exist. A place where if you blink, you’ll miss downtown. A place with fresh air, cold winter winds, the smell of wood burning in a nearby home, sunshine, and quiet. A hike in the woods or to the nearest farm strips useless thoughts from your clouded brain. Contentment and rest is what I found here. From watching clouds change from objects to nothingness by day and stars dazzle in the big night sky, I knew somewhere in me I’d found a piece of home.

I look forward to discovering more about this place when I return this year. A chance to see more of this town, engage in conversation with its people, and stay a little longer.

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