101 Camarillo and Calabasas Grades – California

I never understood why people feel it necessary to brake going up hill. Two major grades in my area, the Camarillo Grade and the Calabasas Grade are two inclines on U.S. Route 101 (the 101, California speak) that cause some major traffic. Braking up hill is a pet peeve of mine. I again was on the Calabasas Grade yesterday. Is it a shifting issue, a sleeping right foot issue, what? I just don’t get it. Who ever is leading the pack are you out for a cruise, then you should be in the far right lane. I apologize if this sounds like road rage, but seriously there is no logic to braking up hill; not even in the rain, unless it’s a traffic jam. When I arrive at the top of the grade and realize there is nothing there to slow down traffic, frustration fills me and I am mystified by the way people drive out here.

Growing up in the mid-west with harsh winters: ice, sleet, wind, black ice, and snow covered roads, perhaps I just know how to handle a car a little better than the paranoid braking up hill driver. These drivers include those who feel they need to go 35 mph in the rain on the freeway. Again shall I repeat, you need to be in the right lane, so others who aren’t afraid to go over the paranoid speed can pass you.

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