“Change of plans, we are going to the beach tomorrow.” I received this message the day before a group of us headed to an unknown beach in Malibu for a friend’s birthday. I say unknown, because truly we had no idea which beach we were going to. The plan was to cruise down PCH – Hwy. 1 until we spot a place we can settle in for a few hours, smelling the sea breeze, playing and laughing in the sun, and looking for beach finds amongst tide pools and crashing waves.

We ventured down the two lane road, a mountain on one side and the gorgeous Pacific on the other, windows rolled down to feel the wind play against our faces and hair dancing to its own summer song. I know it’s still spring, but summer has made an early arrive in Southern California and the locals are not complaining.

We passed by many beach goers soaking up the sun and cooling off in the ocean, we couldn’t wait to get to our final destination, a small beach down a cliff side, of which we haphazardly found due to a traffic accident blocking us from going any further south. We parked along side the road and started our trek down old fossilized stairs, which look like ruins from ancient Greece. People, dogs and children ran in the sand, leaving their footprint for a second to have it disappear with the next rushing wave, sea foam filling the hole and erasing what was once evidence of life. In the distance, whales rise to the surface for a few seconds letting us know they are there, as a herd of seals bob in and out of the water in the other direction. The Pacific is alive and beautiful! I can’t help but take pictures of waves crashing on rocks and stare in amazement of the diving and soaring pelicans.

Our bellies grew hungry as we packed and headed back up the ruins topside of the cliffs, shedding ourselves of sticky sand, climbing in our vehicles and heading south for dinner. This place has the best chili, but since it’s summer, it was too warm outside to eat it. I ordered a Turkey Club and devoured it! Our party had spinach and artichoke dip that was so good…you’ll want two for large groups. So, If you’re ever in Malibu, swing by Malibu Yo for dessert.

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