San Diego – California

Drifting winds flirted with my hair, as we raced to the San Diego harbor to catch the Coronado ferry. My right foot pressed down on the metal, my left foot followed pushing each pedal around and around. My arms braced forward, fingers riding the brake teetering in and out of foot traffic until I was balanced. The first two miles through downtown were scary, I thought I saw my life flash before my eyes a couple of times, as I squeezed through parked and passing cars. Red light, green light, oh no, yellow…pedal faster! As we neared the docks, our eyes scoped out the boats to identify which one we were to board. Checking the time, we realized we missed the ferry by minutes and were redirected to another ferry stop twenty minutes south.

Push, push, lift, my feet meet their pedals again and we are off through the sea of people towards a location neither of us are familiar with, to arrive just in time to load our bikes and step aboard. Our small vessel splashed through jet ski waves, and again we were met by the wind, this time letting it cool down our overheated bodies. Minutes later, we docked on Coronado Island.

Stepping up on the grey dock, one by one we regain our bearings before cruising down Orange St. past quaint shops and homes. Though the city lawn signs say they are helping with the drought, no one would figure as much with each lawn looking so green. The closer we got to the beach, the hunger we become. With Burger Lounge staring us down, we decide to step in to fill our bellies. I devoured Chicken Digglers with slaw topping until only crumbs were left in the dish, washing my meal down with the house-made Lavender Mint Lemonade. It was the perfect amount of food to give me strength on our return trip under the hot sun.

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