Tunnel of Trees – Emmet County – Michigan

Rain and hail sprinkle our windshield from dark shifting thunder clouds above, drops growing larger as leaves scatter and strong winds shake and tear yellow and green from their trees to dance in the air as we enter the Tunnel of Trees, in this autumn season. We thought the colors would be peaking by now, but apparently Lake Michigan has been warmer than usual this year, which leads to a late color peak. The train of cars before and behind were surely hoping for the same scenery as we twist and turn on the narrow road among the bark and leaves.

Fourteen miles into the twenty-seven and a half mile scenic road the wind shifted again, tossing the car over the road like a toy, as acorns fell from the trees landing with loud thunks on the car. Small openings became more frequent as we began our descent out of the tunnel and into Harbor Springs, MI. Overall, the experience was exhilarating and likely I’d be willing to do it again, but next time I’ll be checking the weather before I go.

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