Legs Inn – Cross Village – Michigan

We enter a stone building, through a wood door into an eccentric log cabin filled with rustic nature decor. My head a little fuzzy from the five day road trip we’ve been on, adds to the adventure of this new eatery. Swarming bodies scan us as foreigners while remaining engaged in their conversations. We gander a bit before making our way to the hostess to be told there is an hour wait and they ran out of pagers. Nodding our heads toward the bar, we find stools and order our drinks, inquiring about the soup on the menu. “Żurek” the bar tender says as my mom and I look at each other and say, “what?” “Żurek, it has potato, kielbasa, egg, and spices.” Both of us explorers with food, nod a yes and ask for two bowls. Żurek (pronounced zhurek) is a traditional hardy Polish soup. My sister-in-law who is of Polish origin calls it an Easter soup.

Two large bowls of Żurek arrive with a side of rye bread and butter. My first slurp I find potato, kielbasa, egg, and spices swirl around the tongue splashing taste buds and registering with my brain, good. Spoonful after spoonful scooped in my mouth, I couldn’t put down my spoon, that’s how delicious the soup taste. Giving myself a small rest, I reached for the rye bread and dipped it in the soup. More flavors burst and satisfied my taste buds, until the piece disappeared. I picked up the last piece of bread and again dipped it into the żurek, and yet again, the piece disappeares. The soup filled my belly with warmth until full, and the chill from the rainy day wore off.

Should you find yourself craving an adventure, let me suggest Legs Inn in Cross Village, you won’t be disappointed with all the tasty food to choose from on the menu. When you’re done, take a drive along the lake shore through the Tunnel of Trees; it’s a breathtaking ride.

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