Raven Café – Port Huron – Michigan

My eye is lost on historical and rustic embellishments that adorn the walls and tables. I am taken back in time for a moment lost in my grandfathers library, where old books catch my attention more than the new shiny ones and where black and white family pictures make me wonder what life was like for my ancestors in such a time.

I am eager to explore the shelves and curl up in the coziness to sip a little warmth as I wait for the snow to fall. But this visit isn’t about resting in the upstairs nook for book leisure, it’s about adventures with my family and devouring a long awaited game of cribbage with my brother in a place where social hour meets the library.  A hot chai tea latte with the fixings is set before me in a Raven Cafe mug so large that I silently quote an opening line in So I Married an Axe Murderer, a 1993 romantic comedy thriller film. Its rich taste and soothing warmth find me comfortable and intrigued. Our waiter stops by every so often to check on us, but doesn’t crowd our pleasures.

We are found lost in a game, the children, claiming buttons and adults playing along, when a waft of something delicious meets our senses and rumbles our tummies. Another day we will stay for dinner, but today awaits something delicious at home, so we slide back our chairs and descend the stairs to make our way out into the crisp air giving a twice over on a place that encompasses such curiosities.

2 thoughts on “Raven Café – Port Huron – Michigan

  1. Hi! I am jealous of all the yummy food and drink you have gotten to partake in. I am glad you got to Michigan safely despite the icky hotel experience. Travel is always an adventure!


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