Main Street Restaurant – Hamtramck – Michigan

As I step through the double doors, desserts on display near the cash register immediately call out to my sugar tooth, “choose me.” They scream ever louder as I pass by them to my table.

I want to ask the waitress what she would recommend, but decide to tempt fate by getting the Greek Combination Plate (gyro, shish kabob, rice, and salad). Flavorful hummus, pita, and bread arrive at my table and disappears quickly, just before my salad is placed in front of me; a bed of iceberg lettuce, slice of cucumber, and tomato wedge. I add oil, vinegar, and pepper to make it tasty. But the salad is just a little something preparing me for an amazing entree.

Ten minutes later and on the verge of full, my lamb, pita, shish kabob, and rice arrive. I expected the gyro put together, but was surprised to see the items came separated on the overly flowing plate. I ponder briefly if I’ve been eating a gyro all wrong? I dismiss the ridiculous idea and stab hot shaved lamb with my fork, loading the pita over its capacity before dumping an abundant amount of cucumber sauce on top, and taking my first bite. I am taken back to a time I ate my first gyro. My cousin and I sat on a street corner at an art fair, squeezing our gyros tight as lamb and vegetable juice ran down our arms onto the hot asphalt.

My thoughts are interrupted by the waitress, pulling back to reality. I gaze at my food and realize I put a good dent into the gyro, when my stomach registered me full. I could keep part for later along with my rice and shish kabob that is already boxed, or just devour the rest. Naturally, I finish, feeling the onset of gluttony as my eyes meet food coma head on.

If you’re looking for delicious food and great customer service in Detroit, don’t hesitate to stop at the Main Street Restaurant and get a taste of the menu. If you are still unsure, check out the Yelp reviews, here.

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