Adair Bar – Adair – Michigan

There is an advantage of living in a small town where restaurant options are few. Tonight I went to the Adair Bar, which is literally just around the corner from my house. I asked a local what they are known for, she said the fried fish. But on this trip, I wasn’t interested in eating their bomb-diggity fish, as I did two years ago. So I stepped outside the box and ordered off the special menu, a mushroom swiss burger with coleslaw and fries, as well as fried pickles as an appetizer. For a drink, I splurged for the Not Your Fathers Root Beer, which I learned they will no longer be selling once they run out because not enough people order them.

A short time after making the order with the friendly staff, six hot breaded fried pickles made their way to the table, with a side of ranch. Though, I believe they were store bought, I took a bite into deliciousness anyway.

Ten minutes later my meal arrived with an abundance of swoon tasting fries, perfectly browned. I usually don’t eat restaurant fries, but these…wow! My swiss burger was okay, not the best I’ve had. I think it needed more mushrooms, one layer simply isn’t enough. I tried the coleslaw and liked it, yet I am not a fan of coleslaw, unless it’s piled on a pork sandwich.

Overall, the meal was okay. Next time I’m going for the fried fish that they are known for, and hope they still have The Not Your Fathers product or something similar.

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