Birch River Grill – Arlington Heights – Illinois

After a long day of focus, I was craving a salad. So preemptively, I scoured the menu in my room before heading down to Birch River Grill for lunch. Though I thought the price was a little expensive, I mean $5 dollars more for chicken on my salad? However, when I took my first bite, the choice was totally worth the risk.

After being immediately seated by tentative staff, my meal and drink order were taken within seconds.

Lemonade and two slices of warm sourdough arrived with butter as my preparations were underway for my salad. Hot off the grill, my massive salad was adorned with sliced grilled chicken and zesty citrus vinaigrette. It looked and tasted like something out of a gourmet cookbook. Equally balanced fresh strawberries and blueberries, drops of goat cheese, and toasted almond slices lay upon a bed of healthy green spinach. My taste buds sang after one bite.

If you find yourself in Arlington Heights, IL head over to the Birch River Grill, sit in the comfy leather chairs under the light, relax and try the Spinach Salad. Maybe your taste buds will sing too.

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