Fowling Warehouse – Hamtramck – Michigan

With my lucky bowling socks in hand, I head out to the Fowling Warehouse with no idea what laid ahead for me this past Saturday. I only knew, it was my sister-in-laws fortieth birthday party. When I arrived at the warehouse I was surprised to see so many cars at a bowling alley during the day. But, when I stepped inside, I understood why the place was buzzing with people and laughter.


Turns out Fowling is actually a hybrid game founded in 2001 by Chris Hutt back in Detroit.  He is the owner/operator of Fowling Warehouse.

Football + Bowling = Fowling (pronounced like bowling except with an F). The best I can describe it is like corn hole setup, but instead of a tilted wooden box, its flat. And instead of holes in the box, its solid with ten bowling pins lined up, like bowling. The goal is to throw a football and wipe out the bowling pins on the opposite side of the room. Meanwhile, the person on your right and left are doing the same thing in their games too. Should a rouge ball bounce and knock down pins, it counts! So imagine not only am I playing offense, I am playing defense too!


I was immediately invited to play when I arrived at my lane, but scared little me decided to watch a bit before bravery to look stupid hit its stride. Never really knowing how to throw a football, I did my first attempt. It wobbled nowhere near the pins, but in the direction of the netting wall (Lucky us, we had an end lane). After my awkward meter dropped a little, I took a few throwing lessons from my nephew, a quarterback himself, and really got into the game. In two hours, I hit the pins about three times. Two hours! Even for the quarterbacks, a box of ten pins was hard to hit. It may not be an easy activity, but it is a fun one. So get off your couch and head to Fowling Warehouse for some laughs, maybe you’ll find your competitive nature.

Until next time Fowling. I have some practice to do.



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