Max-n-Marley’s Dog House – Muskegon – Michigan


Heavy rains and dark clouds dampen the little restaurant where my grandmother wanted to eat lunch. I offer take out, leaving her in the car, where the air conditioner can keep her cool from the muggy air.

So food focused, I am drawn to the “Today’s Specials” menu, immediately finding myself debating between the Gyro Dog and Bourbon Burger. Not a minute after stepping beyond the threshold, the friendly cashier asked me what I wanted. Quickly, I debated as my mine raced back and forth and tongue pretending it was eating both. I can taste the gyro, but my stomach doesn’t want it. Then, I imagine I am eating the burger and saliva begins to build. “The Bourbon Burger with onion rings” I tell her, after giving her my grandmother’s order, a hot dog with fries.

The place isn’t busy at 3:30pm. So, with plenty of seating, I grabbed a menu, pull out a chair and checked out the place, while I waited for my order. A warm breeze wafts past me as another customer enters. I can see him out of the corner of my eye, elderly, but cannot make out anything else about him. He orders quickly and takes a seat at the table next to me, his cane standing in my eye line. Something familiar in the way he smells takes me to a moment in time. Can a person really sniff another person without being caught? If it’s the smell I think it is, then yes. Silently, I inhale again to confirm my suspicions. Sure enough, the wood stove earthly smell is coming from the elderly gentleman, and I am transported back again. This time savoring the memory and smells of a place I once knew.

I am lost in thought, when the cashier hands me my order, after a ten minute wait. One chef and a cashier, not too bad for the wait. Pivoting my turn, I glance at the wood stove man, smile and walk out.

Our cost totaled just $13.10 for a special burger, onion rings, plain hot dog, and french fries. Only speaking upon what I devoured, my Bourbon Burger was delicious topped with swiss cheese, mushrooms, and smoked bbq sauce. The onion rings were hearty and I could not stop eating them. I think my grandmother’s food was good, one minute she was eating her hot dog and the next she put the last fry in her mouth.

The menu is extensive with gourmet hot dogs and other goodies. If you are looking for a no frills place with good food, don’t hesitate to stop at Max-n-Marley’s Dog House.

Address: 1950 Lakeshore Dr, Muskegon, MI 49441
Hours: 11am – 8pm

From good customer service to the no frills ambiance, I could see myself stopping in here to write while eating finger licking food. You can be sure I’ll be back to try something new soon.



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