An alluring aroma draws me nearer to a square box in front of me, my senses register that its pizza, but not your average run of the mill pizza. As I fling open the cardboard top, my taste buds begin to water; grilled artichoke hearts, banana peppers, kalamata olives, fresh melted feta and mozzarella cheese on a wheat crust look back at me. I’ve been craving this Mediterranean pizza from 750 Grill for almost a week. Finally, it sits before me, I can hardly contain myself reaching in the box to pull out a slice, as cheese strings along to my plate.

Barely seated, eagerness moves my first bite to my mouth and everything in me melts. My head swirls and body limp at the divine taste of ingredients. I am consumed by deliciousness, trying hard to fight off my hunger to savor each bite. I close my eyes to tasted what’s meant to be tasted while a moan escapes me. I am escorted into another world, finally waking when I touch an empty plate. My eyes spot the box again and go in for seconds.

I can’t speak for anything else on the menu, someday I’ll try something new…or maybe I’ll keep to my “transported to another world” pizza. Enjoy!

Whether you are just driving through or live locally, you can find this pizza at:

750 Grille
2190 Whitehall Rd.
Muskegon, MI 49445
(231) 744-7507


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