Zaloma’s Pizza Co. – Muskegon – MI

Wouldn’t it be just right that after a night of cold photography, trouncing around in knee deep snow shooting the sunset, I would crave a juicy mushroom burger, only to find that my little burger place is closed for the evening? So what does one do? Go somewhere else that’s open, of course!

Opting to stay close to home, I chose to stop at a new pizza place that I’d been saying I’d try, so it is by happenstance, I arrived at Zaloma’s Pizza Company, located at 2009 Lakeshore Dr, Muskegon, MI 49441.  The quaint little shop greeted me with its warmth, good smells, and very personable owners (Lisa and Todd), while era music played in the background.

Although I craved a burger, just moments before, I opted for the Funky Veggie 12″ on gluten free crust (an extra $3 for a brown rice base crust; my digestion is thankful for it), took a seat at one of the high top tables, while continuing conversation with Lisa, as Todd sporting a floured apron and hairnet made my custom pie.

Copyright 2018 Tara J. Becker

I was shocked to see that at seven o’clock in the evening I was the only person occupying the small space. Yet, soon learned that most folks preferred take out, as the phone rang, customers came and went, and another sat down to wait, savoring a sample of homemade broccoli cheese soup; that later Lisa sent home with me.

The pizza came out timely and though I could’ve taken the plate offered, I strongly believe that the box IS the plate. LOL. Diving in finger tip first, allowing my hunger to take over, I lived in the moment; absorbing the atmosphere, the connection and infectious personalities between consumer and staff. Most of the pizza was gone in just minutes, by the time I glanced at my “plate,” the last few pieces were starring back at me like, “What are you waiting for?” I swear that’s what they said.

Finally, after ignoring the feeling of full, I cleaned the box! A 12″ of goodness was gone in an hour between getting to know you conversations and stopping to let my stomach to expand, as I became more human and less frozen. By eight o’clock, with song and dance, and a little stand up comedy, thanks to Todd for encouraging me to just be me, I stepped out into a dark cold night with a belly warm and satisfied.





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