Living Kitchen – Charlotte – NC

Once upon a time, I visited Living Kitchen in Charlotte, NC. A perfect location for three long time friends to enjoy healthier food choices on a hot North Carolina afternoon; little did we know that the whole menu was vegan.

We were told we would like the food, and boy was my friend right. After skimming the menu for a dish with meat, then realizing the menu is vegan, our sharpest tool in the shed became a crayon. But we didn’t give up, we were along for the adventure, gaining the experience of mushroom bacon and many other ingredients that seemed strange to pair, but divinely tasted well together.

Knowing the food was organic and healthy, I figured anything from here wouldn’t be harmful to those of us eating healthier these days. So after devouring an Avocado Basil Sandwich, I couldn’t resist ordering a Lemon Berry Cheesecake, something light to brush away the humidity that awaited us just outside the urban brick wall and glass windows.

We cheers’d the forks (something I’ve become accustom to with other friends) and dove in twine first to a savoring experience. Light aromas of lemon and berry courted my taste buds like a bow dancing across the strings of a violin, while the subtle taste of coconut rode on the curtails of sweet. A pecan and cashew nut crust grounded my tongue with their earthly taste, balancing the lemon’s tartness. Mint, blueberries, and raspberries, accessorized the dessert nicely and a drizzle of blueberry something, like glue brought the dish together. I have no idea what that drizzle of something was, but it made the plate look like a murder scene when every morsel disappeared.

Needing somewhere new to checkout in Charlotte, I highly recommend this place. Gaze at their menu and take the adventure, the experience is worth every bite. Though I didn’t say much about my sandwich, of which it was very good, this time around, in once upon a time, I was more intrigued by the dessert.

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